Designing the user experience

What do we offer? User experience!


From conception to deployment.

We offer a complete range of services following the user-centered design framework according to international standards ISO 13407. These include usability evaluation, user-centered design, user experience design and many more.

In addition, we provide services such as User experience specifications, where we collaborate with you on designing the user interface and interaction standards. Additionally, usability opportunities and risks evaluation aims at maximazing the benefit/costs ratio.

Expert evaluation

Expert evaluation is a quick way of getting feedback about the general usability of your product. With no delay, our specialist can perform expert evalution to access the usability.

Our usability evaluations are always carried out by at least two usability professionals who have extensive knowledge about human-computer interaction. As the basis of the evaluation, we use guidelines that have been established in the current ISO standards. The report produced during the evaluation includes detailed descriptions of the usability problems found as well as recommendations for how the problems can be fixed.

Usability testing

Usability testing is the best way of finding out how well your product suits its users and the tasks it is meant for. Involving users means that the usability of the product can be evaluated in a more profound way, because the usability experts get a chance to observe the interaction between the real users and the product. For this reason usability testing as a usability technique cannot be replaced by expert evaluations or marketing studies.

The scale of usability testing can be tailored to your needs. We have resources for doing extensive usability testing in a modern usability lab with the latest equipment such as eye-trackers. However, in many cases the benefits of user testing can also be achieved by carrying out much lighter testing "in the field", i.e., in the real environment of use.

User-centred design

The most cost-effective way of producing usable products is to invest in usability during the product development.

We can help in building usability into your product. We can support requirements elicitation by contextual studies, in which interviews of the users, observation of the real practices and various design sessions are combined to create a firm basis for making design decisions. In addition, with different kind of prototypes we can do quick small-scale tests of your product with the real users - giving you a chance to improve your product even before a single line of code has been written.

Usability training and consulting

Development of usable products requires that the project team has understanding of the usability issues and the ways usability should be considered. If you want to raise the awareness of usability in your organisation and arm your employees with the relevant skills, we can offer suitable training. We share the best practices in the field with our customers. All of our experts have extensive knowledge about usability and many years of experience in training and consultancy.

We are also happy to give advice in any questions or problems related to usability and usability engineering.

Eye tracking


Our team has a long-standing experience with applying eye-tracking to gain understanding of user behavior.